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Effects of Bullying in later life

How Childhood Bullying Traumatizes Adulthood

At some point in time bullying has been the worst part of anyone’s life, which one never wants to experience but have somehow experienced. Sometimes we don’t understand about the consequences of bullying and give a huge mental wound to someone. Mostly bullying is a kind of entertainment for people. People also think that bullying Read More

10 Life Skills One Must have

10 Life Skills One Must have

Just imagine you see dangerous fire anywhere. People are in danger. What will be your first step? Maybe you first search for fire extinguishers or water. Now suppose you find it, then? Are you sure that you will perfectly use it where it should be used? Many people may answer it yes. But those people Read More

Hill Stations of India: Travel Guide

Living in a hot and thickly populated nation with urban areas of cement and towns buzzing with advancement, one hungers for a get-away in cooler climes with quiet conditions. Truth be told, even the most veteran outside explorer becomes exhausted of the coarseness and warmth of a tropical nation inevitably and that is the place Read More

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training: Why Start From This Year

Martial Arts are classified frameworks and customs of battle rehearsed for various reasons, for example, self-protection; military and law authorization applications; rivalry; physical, mental and otherworldly improvement; and diversion or the safeguarding of a country’s immaterial social legacy. Even though the term military craftsmanship has become related to the battling specialties of East Asia, it Read More

Goa Travel guide

Goa Travel Guide For Tourists

Well known for its seashores, Goa is the smallest state in India regarding zone. It is the fourth littlest state as far as the population yet a tremendous supporter of the economy through Goa the travel industry. Panaji is the capital of Goa. Goa Tourism is viewed as a significant help to Goa’s economy. Goa Read More

Top 20 Indian Travel Bloggers To Follow

We all have heard that one of our partners talk about dumping everything to venture to the far corners of the planet, however, how regularly people make a profession out of being on a perpetual or incomplete excursion? Relatively few. These are some compelling web-based life shrewd voyagers and digital migrants who’re moving people to Read More

Madhya Pradesh travel guide

Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide For Tourists

Madhya Pradesh is regularly alluded to as the ‘heart of India’. There couldn’t be a progressively well-suited name for this lively state. Regardless of the enormous number of encounters that this excellent state offers, it’s a misjudged goal in India. Notwithstanding, this pattern is changing and Madhya Pradesh travel guide is accepting the consideration it Read More

Inside Life of Dan Bilzerian: A Sneak Peek

Conceived on December 7, 1980, in Tampa, Florida, Dan Brandon “Blitz” Bilzerian is the child of Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian. In the wake of enduring the Armenian Genocide and moving to the US, Paul Bilzerian became a Wall Street corporate takeover expert. Insightfully, he set up trust assets for both of his children. Here’s Read More

How to start meditating daily

How To Start Meditating Daily: Key Tips

The propensity for reflection is one of the most remarkable things I’ve at any point learned. Incredibly, it’s additionally one of the most straightforward propensities to do — you can do it anyplace, whenever, and it will consistently have prompt advantages. Here are a few tips on how to start meditating daily to reflect your soul, Read More

5 countries to visit under 20000

5 Countries To Visit Under 20000

Here is a list of 5 countries to visit under 20000 for the people who find it hard to plan a foreign trip due to financial problems. 1. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is such a spot whose enchant will always remain with you for long. White seashores alongside antiquated remnants and UNESCO legacy locales will keep Read More

Top 10 Must-Have for Backpackers

 If you got money and vacation what will you do with it? No doubt you will choose traveling in an adventurous place with your friends or family member. People love traveling. Traveling is a passion for some people. But traveling may be risky sometimes. No one knows what will happen in the next moment. So Read More

Manali vs Kasol

Manali Vs Kasol Vs Kheerganga: The Complete Travel Guide

Have you been struggling around the two spots since they are very comparable as far as scenes? Then here’s your answer to your Manali vs Kasol feud. Manali ( Manali Vs Kasol: Travel Guide) Encompassed by gigantic snow-clad mountains, Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a definitive experience and exploring goal in India. Consistently a large Read More

Seven Sisters of India: Travel Guide

The vast majority of us might be uninformed towards the shining excellence of what falsehoods covered up in the North East piece of India and a significant number of us may not believe it to be a piece of our nation however this doesn’t change the reality the seven sisters are as a lot of Read More



PLACES TO VISIT IN GUJARAT: TRAVEL GUIDE Dwarka Saturated with folklore and legends, the glorious city of Dwarka is the main city that is both a Char Dham and a Sapta Puri.  The name of the city truly means ‘entryway’ and ‘moksha’, which implies entryway to salvation or entryway to edification. It marks the beginning Read More

Top 10 backpacer destination in India

Top 10 BackPackers Destinations in India

Traveling is a soul hobby of some people. Seeing the beauty of nature, experiencing the country, and feeling the different soils is like air to live. Holidays in India do not require a fixed budget or a luxurious accommodation arrangement. Cheap, vibrant and exciting things are enough to create the vibe. But people experience difficulties Read More



The desolate excellence of Ladakh in India with snow-topped pinnacles and the perfect purplish blue sky has kept on pulling in the bold voyagers. The picturesque goal has kept up to cast its spell since the area was opened to sightseers during the 1970s. From that point forward, Ladakh has become a most loved frequent Read More

Indian Entrepreneurs

Indian Entrepreneurs: 10 key tricks to success

Entrepreneurship is the pattern of the day. Ongoing occasions have seen that graduates from IITs and IIMs have dismissed employment bids that would have paid them in 8 figures. This isn’t new and has been going for a long while now. For different reasons youth today is increasingly disposed towards business enterprise. Since last a Read More

7 Struggles of a Writer

Becoming a good writer takes a number of years. It has never been easy. Even the writers’ who became great writers’ today had struggled a lot to achieve their present position. While in the process of becoming a good writer, lots of writers’ face ups and downs. But in spite of these ups and downs, Read More

Top 10 Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Top 10 Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh if you’re seeking a trip to the majestic and cultural amalgamation of India’s heritage. Uttar Pradesh is lodged into the heart of India and is blooming with cultural heritage and religious faith with all its might. The two most holy rivers of the Indian Read More


here are the top 10+ places to visit in West Bengal if you’re looking forward to a peaceful retreat. West Bengal has been a remarkable center for many socio-economic developments and revolutions in the various strata of history. Apart from that, West Bengal has always been a comprehensive combination of nature, beauty, culture, and heritage. Read More


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