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Thapad-Movie Review

Thappad Movie Review

How many of you regard your mother’s occupation as a homemaker while filling any form? The answer must be No, according to us her occupation is being a housewife and not a homemaker although she builds up the home. Forgetting her needs she fulfills everyone’s need, she has a tolerance level which is never compared Read More

LGBT in india

LGBT In India: The State of Third Gender

LGBT in India has been a topic of discussion since old occasions to present-day times. Hindu writings have taken positions in regards to gay characters and themes. Rigveda, one of the four sanctioned consecrated writings of Hinduism says Vikriti Evam Prakriti meaning what appears to be unnatural is also natural.  A few researchers perceive gay Read More

Why failing is important

How failing is important: Elon Musk

The world is running so fast. Similarly, it is changing so fast too. To survive and to make things better innovation is a need. To innovate or to invent one should have an innovative mind and guts to start a process of making a thing that does not exist even. Keeping all these things in Read More

how to deal with the peer pressure

How to deal with the Peer Pressure

For some people, the word peer pressure is a kind of stupid thing. For them, there is no value of peer pressure and they also think that there is no such kind of thing. Some people also believe that peer pressure is a sign of a weak mentality. Thus people also don’t want to talk Read More

India's Population Growth Rate

India’s Population Growth Rate In this Decade

There’s delighting news on a deep rooted Indian issue. A report discharged by the United Nations Population Fund recently shows that India’s population growth rate has eased back widely in the 2010-2019 period. As per the report, India’s Population Growth Rate may have grown at .4 rate focuses lower in the 2010-2019 period when contrasted Read More


The story of Kashmiri Pandit from Haider to Shikara

Vinod Chopra Films and Fox Star Studios develop Shikara, which is described as “a love letter from Kashmir.” The film marks the return of Chopra to his hometown Srinagar, the post of Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta-starrer Kashmir Mission (2000). The trailer highlights instances of violence and turmoil witnessed in the’ 90s by a young Read More

Bollywood's Toxic Masculinity

Bollywood’s toxic masculinity: Ayshman and Kartik’s take

Trends come and go. They always change according to the taste of the consumers. We see a similar thing happening in Bollywood. This new era of the ‘New Bollywood’ has dawned upon us in the last few years. It has changed a lot of things yet somethings never seem to go away. Like Bollywood’s Toxic Read More


Impact of Journalism in modern world

Journalism, as we know it, is a branch of ‘Mass Media’, which deals with the collection and distribution of news articles, events and stories. It involves people reporting various events for public interest. It is a source of general knowledge. But what we don’t realize is that it is more of a responsibility than a Read More


SEX, the word is still a taboo

In popular media, series like ‘The Secret of American Teenagers’, ‘Netflix’s Sex Education’ etc portrayed the taboo revolving around sex instead of frequent practices by almost all. The Secret of American Teenagers had no nude or intimate scenes but still it is considered a vulgar show by many due to it’s straight forward use of Read More

conservative family

Struggles of living in a conservative family

I was just blooming into the lovely stage of puberty when my mom slapped me as she caught me talking to a boy. At the age of 16, I was finally allowed to travel alone to my tuition which is barely 200-300 meters away from my place. One day, my batch mate accompanied me back Read More

Men’s Rights: A human right

Vijay Batra stood up and asked for Men’s Rights, he says he spent four nights on the streets after his wife threw him out for failing to fulfill her sexual desires including replicating her pornographic fantasies. In a marriage that barely lasted six months, he says every refusal to satisfy her meant being humiliated and Read More

Men Rights VS Pseudo Feminists

In the year 2019 where a revolution for equal rights of women is at its peak, the flames for equal rights of men are being ignited sideways. Where in most parts of the world active work is under construction for the upliftment of women, the better half is being adversely affected. I agree that we Read More

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