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Effects of Bullying in later life

How Childhood Bullying Traumatizes Adulthood

At some point in time bullying has been the worst part of anyone’s life, which one never wants to experience but have somehow experienced. Sometimes we don’t understand about the consequences of bullying and give a huge mental wound to someone. Mostly bullying is a kind of entertainment for people. People also think that bullying Read More

10 Life Skills One Must have

10 Life Skills One Must have

Just imagine you see dangerous fire anywhere. People are in danger. What will be your first step? Maybe you first search for fire extinguishers or water. Now suppose you find it, then? Are you sure that you will perfectly use it where it should be used? Many people may answer it yes. But those people Read More

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training: Why Start From This Year

Martial Arts are classified frameworks and customs of battle rehearsed for various reasons, for example, self-protection; military and law authorization applications; rivalry; physical, mental and otherworldly improvement; and diversion or the safeguarding of a country’s immaterial social legacy. Even though the term military craftsmanship has become related to the battling specialties of East Asia, it Read More

top 10 torrent proxy in India

Top 10 Torrent Proxies in India

When you hear the word “torrent”, it usually leads to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. The tech world is now full of torrent files. Because these files provide you supreme comfort in your range. Most of the time you get service for free of cost. This all makes torrent files so Read More

Why failing is important

How failing is important: Elon Musk

The world is running so fast. Similarly, it is changing so fast too. To survive and to make things better innovation is a need. To innovate or to invent one should have an innovative mind and guts to start a process of making a thing that does not exist even. Keeping all these things in Read More

dealing with aggression

How to Deal with Aggression and related issues

You all must have encountered a feeling where your mind stops working, you start speaking rubbish things about the other person, and your blood pressure rises, the face becomes red, etc. This feeling is none other than aggression or in simple terms, anger. But a person must control his aggression. A person should learn anger Read More

How To Increase Concentration And Motivation

How To Increase Concentration And Motivation

Here are a few easy ways in which you can boost your concentration and motivation. Learn how to increase concentration and motivation in a few easy steps! 7 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR CONCENTRATION 1. Assemble your psychological muscle Center requires practice, and simply like preparing to run a long-distance race, it sets aside an effort Read More

signs you may suffering from depression

Signs you may are Suffering from Depression

The world is full of opportunities, successes, failures, gains, losses, etc. Each person in this world has expectations and promises with his or her life. Everyone wants to be stable by wealth, physical and mental health. But if someone gets what he wants, then how good it is. But it does not happen. Life is Read More

insomnia in teens

Causes and cures of Insomnia

After a long and hectic day what every person wants is a cozy sleep. But if a night of sleep is far away, so? How talk of nightmares will matter if lying asleep is difficult. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. In Insomnia person got trouble in sleeping. Or Insomnia could also be defined as a Read More

how to deal with the peer pressure

How to deal with the Peer Pressure

For some people, the word peer pressure is a kind of stupid thing. For them, there is no value of peer pressure and they also think that there is no such kind of thing. Some people also believe that peer pressure is a sign of a weak mentality. Thus people also don’t want to talk Read More

Top 15 Websites To Download Movies Free

We all are dependent on watching films and TV appears. At whatever point we get the break of our wild timetable, we need to appreciate the most recent or great motion pictures on our versatile and tablets. These days it is a lot simpler to heft your preferred films around in your telephone and begin Read More

Difference between sadness and depression

Difference between sadness and depression

Do you know! Sadness and depression are two very different things. Let’s understand the major difference between sadness and depression. Going through the general definition, sadness is defined as an emotional pain associated with or characterized by, feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief helplessness, disappointment, and sorrow. Depression may be defined as a state of Read More

Board exam preparation for mathematics.

According to toppers mathematics is a scoring subject. Solving a problem correctly gives you full marks. This subject has enough power to boost your scores. Also in Board exam preparation for mathematics, some things like sleep, food, etc are very important. We believe that you will manage it. Let’s focus on some technicalities because Mathematics Read More

How to prepare for physics Board exam.

Most of the student considers physics as the hardest subject of their course. It is very hard to do Board exam preparation for physics. According to them, this subject is the hardest hurdle for their board preparation. Tricky questions, long equations, big formulae, derivations, theories, etc makes physics a nightmare. But there are also some Read More

How to prepare for Class 12 Boards.

Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. One such challenge many of the students face is their class 12 board exams. The thought of not passing the exams with a 90 and above percentile and disappointing their parents always lure their mind and haunt them. Because of this Read More

suffering from depression

How to deal with Anxiety in teens

Nowadays we are very familiar with words like anxiety and depression. People of every age group suffer from this state. But it is very common in teens. Some comprise body shaming, low self-esteem, bad scores, peer pressure, etc. Therefore they don’t understand that this state is a web of mental as well as physical disorders. Read More

The negative influence of social media on teens

Knowing the way to navigate the web social networking world is crucial for teenagers. Being educated and talking about online experiences can help reduce any negative impacts on the youth’s psychological state and well-being. Around 1,000 adults over the age of 18 and 150 children aged 14-17 years took part. The survey found quite three Read More

10 Study hacks for Board students

10 Study hacks for Board students

Examinations are always hard to deal with. Especially Board examinations are the most frightening ones that we have ever dealt with. Hence, here are 10 Study hacks for Board students. Board examinations are something that can make anyone tremble with fear no matter how much prepared you are for it. Consequently, pressure builds up around Read More


SEX, the word is still a taboo

In popular media, series like ‘The Secret of American Teenagers’, ‘Netflix’s Sex Education’ etc portrayed the taboo revolving around sex instead of frequent practices by almost all. The Secret of American Teenagers had no nude or intimate scenes but still it is considered a vulgar show by many due to it’s straight forward use of Read More

conservative family

Struggles of living in a conservative family

I was just blooming into the lovely stage of puberty when my mom slapped me as she caught me talking to a boy. At the age of 16, I was finally allowed to travel alone to my tuition which is barely 200-300 meters away from my place. One day, my batch mate accompanied me back Read More

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