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top 15 apps to watch movie free

Top 15 Apps to Watch Movies Free

With emerging technology, entertainment has become a part of our daily needs. Personalities related to entertainment know it very well, That’s why we are now very much familiar with some entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. These types of entertainment apps provide quality content, thus charges money. But people don’t want to invest money Read More


I Was Cheating but He Still Loved me

Abhinav and I met in 2008 and got married in 2012. This journey was not so simple and smooth. When we initially started hanging out, I always wondered how can someone be so good? He was such a gentleman and a guy who was easily liked by everyone. We both fell in love with each Read More


Tamilrockers 2020 : No.1 Piracy Site

Today more than half of all people in His State of India listen to Original Films and music as pirated copies and have many webpages to download Tamilrockers Piracy Content featuring Hollywood Movie, Bollywood Movie, South Indian Movie, Telugu Movie, Tamil Movie, Punjabi Movie, Pakistani Movies, 18 + Movies, Hindi TV Shows, Language TV Shows, Read More

TV series of Netflix in February

Best upcoming TV series of Netflix in February 2020

A Netflix series that will amaze us with very new content. The quality of story lineup, creativity, casting, plotting, direction, narration, and many more of Netflix with surely its high budget has made it one of the most favorite platforms of entertainment and timepass. Let’s see what are the most awaited TV series of Netflix Read More


30 years later, my bully cried bad

It was my 30th high school reunion. I’d been out of touch with most people, but had been friended by a few old classmates on Facebook. When they learned I’d be in the area on a book tour, they talked me into coming to my high school reunion. I was bullied quite a lot in Read More


I would never molest a girl

When I was coming out of the exam center after giving COMEDK exam I got in the auto-rickshaw in the back seat. In the middle seat, there were 2 girls and 2 boys. Since I was 6feet tall and my long legs had trouble in the back seat of the auto. During the travel, one Read More

Aitijya Sarkar: A broken soul

In 2017 — I drank more than 15 liters of alcohol in 5 days to land up in the hospital, hooked to an IV, for alcohol poisoning. Back then, I had a hypo-manic episode. It’s when you’re pumped up with inescapable energy. You can’t sleep, or eat, or stop moving because your mind won’t stop Read More

Street photography: My journey so far

Street photography, a very popular genre of photography, probably one of the most popular. This genre has some renowned photographers who are now legends, some inspiring millions today. Even from India itself, I can name several photographers influencing and leaving their artistic marks over the globe. Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography Read More


Is my upcoming book a novel?

So, a little after my first book got published, I was musing over an idea. An idea to write about a full fledged novel. Well before I proceed any further, I would like to thank all my readers for their amazing support . To be honest, I never expected such a huge response. I never Read More

forever pieces love

Forever Pieces

Lovers are the most versatile. We talk so much about the psychiatric nature of cold-blooded murders, alcoholics, narcotic maniacs but seldom do we talk about lovers. For me lovers are vivid. They may be the most versatile and unprecedented characters on earth. There are so many of them and each one of them has a Read More

career passion


Almost three years back, I created my first WordPress blog. Back then I wasn’t quite familiar to WordPress immense potential. But I still created an account in a ray of hope that like many other websites it will provide me with a launching pad to showcase my love for knitting tales. Soon there appeared a Read More

Indian students

India’s obsession with Science stream

Year 2016, Standard VIII One fine morning, my class teacher asked us what we all wanted to be in the future. After a series of changes, he was our third new class teacher. He was new to the school and happened to had topped Maharastra in 12 Boards as far as I could recollect now. Read More


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love relationship

Why I avoid a Romantic Relationship now

A conversation always comes to a point where the person will definitely ask me, “Bro, why are you still single instead of being in a relationship?” And a lot of analogous questions are solicited to me almost every day. And some very grateful friends of mine will suggest me some girls. “Hey, if ya wish Read More


Jayantilal, the dog: A Dining Table Conversation

Over the plates of dinner, conversation flows like butter on the glass. I was quite subconsciously lost in my own void of thoughts when Poo and Boo simultaneously shouted “Jayantilal”. Well, Poo refers to Tulika Di (for people outside India, Di refers to sister. The actual term used is Didi but we few Indians modernized Read More


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Lemme start blogging!

I have never thought of blogging before. But as you see this is gonna be my first personal blog. So why am I blogging? Maybe because almost every popular writer has his/her personal blog and I also want to be a writer, so I’m following their path for my success but wait this isn’t the Read More

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