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conservative family

Struggles of living in a conservative family

I was just blooming into the lovely stage of puberty when my mom slapped me as she caught me talking to a boy. At the age of 16, I was finally allowed to travel alone to my tuition which is barely 200-300 meters away from my place. One day, my batch mate accompanied me back Read More

I want a break

It’s drizzling outside. The lively train compartment is swimming by crop fields and iron rails, barren overbridges and chaotic slums. I’m counting the drops pelting on my new shoes. And I don’t care. Holding the chains over my head, I look around, exploring many of the new faces I come across while commuting. And there Read More

And today I don’t cry anymore, But you do, suddenly

And today I don’t cry anymore,But you do, suddenly  It all started with a pinch of sadness and loneliness. It started with people I used to shower love upon and yet suddenly they weren’t here when most needed. It started with me spending breaks alone, sitting on my bench. Eating bits of an apple and Read More


A Sunflower for you who is unique

Here’s a sunflower,not just for someoneBut for the someonehere’s a sunflower for you. A sunflower,not a rose nor an orchidnor white lilies neither tulipsbut a sunflower. You see every other flower has got its own charm,Pretty faces, beautiful smilesgood aromaand mellow vibesBut a sunflower is different and its true essence is yet to discovered by peoplejust like Read More


Cramped are my muscles,Hard toil under the sunBroken is my heart,Pouring all the love and blood Tired is my mind,Living by your words all day Cracked is my skin,Weathering your selfish self Wet is my eyes,Crying out at nights when you’re asleep. For all this time I knitted your story,Mourning over mine’s For those words of mine that defined your Read More


Among the worldly chaos we live Filled with delusion of, Promises waiting to be broken Adversities waiting to happen Lovers waiting to be strangers And maybe us shedding off our plastic selves A mundane world, Where Words, Actions, Everything Contradict each other They compete one another To complete one another This place we live in Read More

The sun-kissed skin, Knows the warmth of radiance How it feels to get your skin brushed with rays travelling up from the cosmos How it feels to soak in the love and feel it rushing into your veins Running and discovering every encaved corner of your body The soul drenched in the luminance of the Read More

To Millennium,

This generation has been through the worst heartbreaks and yet survived it all. Some brought tears, some claps while in some we just sighed and paid our tribute to the long gone. We have witnessed the rise and fall of legends and have heard the conclusion to the beautifully narrated epic where not a single Read More


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