Amitav Ghosh

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh: Review

Publisher– Harpercollins Pages– 560 The genius Amitav Ghosh Amitav Ghosh, the Indian born writer often regarded as the writer for the post-colonial British era. Amitav Ghosh came up with a solid engaging dramatical theme based on the then Burma, now known as Myanmar with his novel The Glass Palace. Summary The Calcutta Chromosome writer’s The Read More


A Sunflower for you who is unique

Here’s a sunflower,not just for someoneBut for the someonehere’s a sunflower for you. A sunflower,not a rose nor an orchidnor white lilies neither tulipsbut a sunflower. You see every other flower has got its own charm,Pretty faces, beautiful smilesgood aromaand mellow vibesBut a sunflower is different and its true essence is yet to discovered by peoplejust like Read More


Tea, the chai: An Indian love confession

Understanding the mindset of a person with tea obsession is pretty difficult. But on the other hand, you are blessed if you are one of them. Still, you can explain your obsession with tea if you are an Indian especially if you are a Bong just like me. We can literally say that instead of Read More


To the pursuiter of happiness

What’s happiness for you? Maybe it’s all about getting admission in your dream college or a six-figure paying job or a mansion, which you may call a paradise, whatever it may be but it’s always about having the pitch-perfect life and everything that comes under it should always be tuned melodiously. We expect happiness in Read More


Cramped are my muscles,Hard toil under the sunBroken is my heart,Pouring all the love and blood Tired is my mind,Living by your words all day Cracked is my skin,Weathering your selfish self Wet is my eyes,Crying out at nights when you’re asleep. For all this time I knitted your story,Mourning over mine’s For those words of mine that defined your Read More


Among the worldly chaos we live Filled with delusion of, Promises waiting to be broken Adversities waiting to happen Lovers waiting to be strangers And maybe us shedding off our plastic selves A mundane world, Where Words, Actions, Everything Contradict each other They compete one another To complete one another This place we live in Read More

The sun-kissed skin, Knows the warmth of radiance How it feels to get your skin brushed with rays travelling up from the cosmos How it feels to soak in the love and feel it rushing into your veins Running and discovering every encaved corner of your body The soul drenched in the luminance of the Read More

To Millennium,

This generation has been through the worst heartbreaks and yet survived it all. Some brought tears, some claps while in some we just sighed and paid our tribute to the long gone. We have witnessed the rise and fall of legends and have heard the conclusion to the beautifully narrated epic where not a single Read More


The secret to your happy being

What is that makes you happy? Brings that beautiful smile on your face and suddenly your soul has an urge to release endorphin into your veins. Endorphin rushes into your veins and suddenly you feel alive and suddenly the gravitational field of the earth doesn’t work on you. But yes this being happy phrase happens Read More

love relationship

Why I avoid a Romantic Relationship now

A conversation always comes to a point where the person will definitely ask me, “Bro, why are you still single instead of being in a relationship?” And a lot of analogous questions are solicited to me almost every day. And some very grateful friends of mine will suggest me some girls. “Hey, if ya wish Read More


Jayantilal, the dog: A Dining Table Conversation

Over the plates of dinner, conversation flows like butter on the glass. I was quite subconsciously lost in my own void of thoughts when Poo and Boo simultaneously shouted “Jayantilal”. Well, Poo refers to Tulika Di (for people outside India, Di refers to sister. The actual term used is Didi but we few Indians modernized Read More

Did you feel it?

My initial thoughts were on fire when I saw smoke coming out from the windows of my house. So, I panicked and seeing me all sweating my little sister got spooked too. We two were on our way back home from school and we froze on the road seeing our house. I rushed to my house and Read More


What’s your heart saying?

Don’t you feel yourself to be whole? Off course you do, right? Then why are you wasting your valuable time and energy on someone else? I’ll tell you, it’s because maybe somewhere in the core of your heart you care way too much about that person and that’s the greatest thing someone can do to Read More

Watch The Waves

Where do I see myself after 20 years? Maybe sitting beside my beautiful wife and enjoying the weekend under the roof of my $ 50,000 villa. You may say that’s a whole new level of daydream. Well then, I see myself wasting my weekends with my family and preparing presentations or reports for the next Read More


Lemme start blogging!

I have never thought of blogging before. But as you see this is gonna be my first personal blog. So why am I blogging? Maybe because almost every popular writer has his/her personal blog and I also want to be a writer, so I’m following their path for my success but wait this isn’t the Read More

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